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Saigon 88 Cuisine 西貢88小館

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Saigon 88 Cuisine 西貢88小館After an early round of golf at Macau G&CC, the FoodLover and Vincent went for a light Vietnamese lunch. Saigon 88 is located at a quiet corner on the far side of Z.A.P.E. (新口岸) near Statue of Kun Iam (觀音像).

It was noon on a Saturday but I didn’t see any tourist there. Good. We had a simple meal, i.e. rice noodle, egg rolls, and vegetable. Taste was not bad and price was reasonable.

If you are tired after walking around Macau, this is not a bad place to refuel.

Saigon 88 Cuisine 西貢88小館Saigon 88 Cuisine 西貢88小館Saigon 88 Cuisine 西貢88小館

Saigon 88 Cuisine 西貢88小館
Tel: +853-2872-8457

Star World Hotel 星際酒店

Monday, April 1st, 2013

The FoodLover’s flight arrived Hong Kong just before 7am. After taking the Airport Express to Kowloon and Turbojet to Macau, it was a little before 10am when I got to the Star World Hotel. Unfortunately, this was the last day of Easter holidays and my room was not yet ready. Hotel reception staff was very kind to offer me a cup of complimentary coffee while I waited at the lobby lounge. I saw the nice looking pastry and got myself a Fresh Food Danish which was freshly baked. At that time, I didn’t know that the wait would last four hours before I got to the room at 2pm. I didn’t just sat there for four hours; I did go home to have lunch with mother before coming back to the hotel.

Star World Hotel 星際酒店Star World Hotel 星際酒店

I liked the pastry so much I had a whole basket for breakfast when I checked out a few days later.

Star World Hotel 星際酒店

Star World Hotel
Avenida da Amizade, Macau
Tel: +853-2878-1111

This casino hotel is an exciting place where they provide entertainment for guests who happen to hang around the lobby.

More Good Food in Macau

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

After all those feasts in Hong Kong, the FoodLover had more good food in Macau.

20121130 Pao Ma Di20121130 Pou Kim20121130 Flatfish20121201 Hua Feng20121201 Wai Kee A20121130 Sun Kee A20121202 Feng Da A20121201 Red Moon House20121202 Henri A20121202 Yi Shun20121202 Rose Garden

Neighborhood Cafe for the Massess – 新康記

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Before taking the ferry to Hong Kong International Airport for the flight to Shanghai, the FoodLover went out to get a quick bite at 7am. The first eatery that came to sight was San Hon Kei 新康記 just one block away from the hotel. At this time of the day, there weren’t many tourists around and the handful of early birds all looked like locals.

Most of the breakfast sets were priced at MOP24 and I opted for the traditional Macaroni with Ham and Toast with Milk Tea. The chef was pretty generous on the ham and the macaroni tasted pretty good. The toast was a little too thin for my taste but the bread was fresh and crispy. Milk tea was a little on the light side but I couldn’t be too picky at this time of the day.

電話: +853-2870-3298/6807

On the ferry to HKIA, the snack was barely edible; the coffee was OK though.


Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

As usual, the FoodLover did not have dinner on his first day in Macau due to jetlag. On the second day, I got up early and went out to have my regular breakfast. These shops have been reported in my earlier reports so I don’t need to say anymore. Just enjoy the pictures.

After enjoying a cup of coffee at McDonald’s, I spent a few minutes looking around the city center.

See all those mobile phone base stations on top of this hotel. If you need to stay there, avoid the top floors.

This lady demonstrates the correct way to carry a “back” pack.

Juicy Pork Chop – 新東海美食

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Pork Chop Bun has always been a signature snack of Macau. On this day before the FoodLover was going to return to the U.S., Vincent took him to taste the famous Pork Chop Sandwich at San Tong Hoi 新東海美食.

While the bread was understandably a little soggy after absorbing the sauce, the pork chop itself was super juicy and delicious. The size was right too – just enough as a light breakfast.

Milk tea in Macau usually is too light (淡) for the FoodLover’s taste buds. Not this one. This cup of milk tea at San Tong Hoi had strong and fragrant tea aroma that was perfect for waking up this sleepy soul.

This restaurant in Porto Exterior 新口岸 is highly recommended for snacks or light meals.

電話: +853-2872-2862

Rice Noodle Roll Specialty Shop 腸粉專門店 – 彪記

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

The FoodLover was out looking for a good place to have breakfast again early in the morning and was glad to see the light in this little congee and noodle shop near the casinos. He was the first customer at 彪記 at 7am.

The place was clean; seating was comfortable and service was adequate. Its specialty – rice noodle rolls – was smooth (爽滑) and the congee was tasty. The problem was that food of similar quality could be had nearby at half the price. So customers were paying for the nice environment.

Would the FoodLover come here again? Of course. The more comfortable seating comparing to food stalls and other small congee shops could easily justify the price if that’s what you wanted on that particular day.

南灣分店﹕ 澳門南灣約翰四世大馬路19號地下A舖(中華廣場對面)
電話﹕ +853-2828-2261

Then the FoodLover walked around town and found some interesting people.

She Ain't heavy, she's my lover.

Time to have her hair dyed again.

Serious photographer.

Macau in the Morning

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

That was the FoodLover’s first morning in Macau on this trip. As usual he got up early (3 o’clock) because of jetlag. As soon as the first beam of light broke through the sky, he took a walk to Senado Square looking for food. A big sign of pork-chop bun got his attention and he promptly walked into Gold Chariot 金馬輪咖啡餅店 and ordered the pork-chop bun 豬扒包 with a cup of milk tea 奶茶. The milk tea was OK but nothing special. The pork-chop bun looked good but pretty dry inside. Not completely satisfied, the FoodLover walked over to time proven Bo Kei 保記 and got his fix of rice noodle rolls and good old plain congee.

Having been out of work for almost a decade, the FoodLover was eager to generate some income. One idea was to become a Paparazzi (狗仔隊). He took his camera and practiced shooting fast moving objects for an hour.

She saw something interesting.

Wake up! The cigarette will be burning your fingers soon.

Whoever she was waiting for better be careful.

Is it fashionable to have boots so much wider than the legs?

Is the red mark on her neck evidence of domestic violence or simply the result of cupping (拔火罐).

Too bad he could not write on both phones at the same time.

Her facial expression showed that she wasn't too happy with that big fat "cocktail Bun" (雞尾包) in her hand.

Hello! I am right next to the "Water Fountain". Come over.

Rich Bowl of Rice Noodle – 新武二

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Vincent came to pick me up at 8am to have a quick breakfast so I could go back to pack up at the hotel. San Mou I 新武二 was just a few blocks away.

This is a neighborhood restaurant for the masses so prices were reasonable (大眾化). A bowl of noodle cost MOP20 and each additional ingredient cost MOP7. A cup of coffee was only MOP8.

I ordered a cup of coffee and rice noodle with oysters, minced meat and fish balls. The fish balls (墨魚丸) were crunchy (彈牙) and oysters were fresh. This bowl of rice noodle as a whole was very delicious.

San Mou I 新武二廣潮福粉麵食館
45 R. de Bruxelas, Alameda Dutor Carlos d’Assumpção, Macau 宋玉生廣場(皇朝)布魯塞爾街45號

On the previous day, I spent a couple hours at the Senado Square 議事亭前地 testing the reach of my super-zoom compact camera. Here are some of the shots.

Congee + Portuguese Style Egg Tart – 成記粥品 / 瑪嘉烈蛋撻

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Before leaving Macau, I wanted to have plain congee and rice noodle rolls (白粥腸粉) for breakfast. As I arrived Bo Kei 保記 at 7:30am, I noticed that Seng Kei 成記粥品 across the street had just opened. Without wasting a second, I walked over there and sat down at a table at the end of the alley. This was my lucky day. I liked the congee at Sing Kei but it was either full or not opened whenever I went there.

There were only four small tables along this alley, so you would have to wait in line if you were not among the first 16 customers. The owner (the guy in blue T-shirt) was very energetic. He would greet every customer who walked in by nickname so he could let his helpers know where each order should be served. The South Asian who shared the table with me was “Amigo”; the men wearing a suit was “西裝哥哥” and his younger friend was called “靚仔” (handsome); a middle age woman was “靚女” (beautiful); and I was named “哥仔” meaning “young brother”. Even though I knew that I was no longer a young brother, it sounded much better than being labeled as a “big uncle” (大叔) – that’s what an old lady called me at a 義順 Diary Products the day before.

While he was talking to customers nonstop, his hands were busy preparing ingredients for each order; a female helper was cooking congee with these ingredients. Two other females helpers (阿姐) were busy serving customers and filling takeaway orders.

Since the doctor had advised me not to intake animal organs, I asked for Pork Congee with Thousand Year Egg 皮蛋瘦肉粥. The congee base was very smooth (綿) and delicious. The shredded pork tasted good too. Some congee shops would cut corners by using minced meat; he didn’t.

In the old days, eateries operating in back alleys used to be dirty and wet. This one was clean and dry; at least it looked that way. When you visit Macau next time, don’t be turned off by the appearance of this congee shop. Try it if the queue is not too long.

On the way back to Rio Hotel, I stopped by Margaret’s Café e Nata 瑪嘉烈蛋撻店 to have a Portuguese Style Egg Tart 葡撻 and a cup of coffee. There would usually be a long line waiting to buy these egg tarts in the afternoon; at 8am, I could pick my table. The Portuguese Style Tart here was not bad but I remembered those at Lord Stow’s Bakery 安德魯餅店 being fluffier 鬆化.


瑪嘉烈蛋撻店 Margret’s Café e Nata
G/F, 17A Rua Alm Costa Cabral R/C, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau
電話: +853-2871-0032