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Favorite Golf Club Food – 蘇州太陽島高爾夫球會

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Those who have been reading this blog regularly must know by now that the FoodLover’s favorite food after a round of golf is Bibimbap 石鍋拌飯. Temperature around Shanghai in November is usually below 50°F (10°C). After spending three hour out there in the cold, nothing beats a sizzling pot of rice with assorted meat and vegetables.

This day, I tried the challenging Suzhou Sun Island Golf Club the first time and was happy to see Bibimbap on the menu at the club restaurant. It might be contradictory but a hot pot of rice actually went well with a cold mug of beer.

20121115 Suzhou Sun Island GC A20121115 Suzhou Sun Island GC B20121115 Suzhou Sun Island GC C

I started the round at the 10th hole and was discouraged right away, the green was so well protected by numerous bunkers that I had a hard time seeing the green at all.

Suzhou Sun Island Golf Club 蘇州太陽島高爾夫球會 Hole #10

Suzhou Sun Island Golf Club 蘇州太陽島高爾夫球會 Hole #10

This par-3 14th hole was interesting too. Hitting the ball slightly left and you would find it either in one of the huge bunkers or straightly into the Lake Yang Cheng 陽澄湖.

Suzhou Sun Island Golf Club 蘇州太陽島高爾夫球會 Hole #14

Suzhou Sun Island Golf Club 蘇州太陽島高爾夫球會 Hole #14

Simple Food in Shanghai

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

The FoodLover had just spent a week in Shanghai. Haven’t eaten anything fancy, just simple and enjoyable meals. Here are pictures of some of the dishes.

Gae Sung Restaurant, Garden Grove (by Wallace)

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Spent a few days in Disneyland, Los Angeles for the 2011 new year holidays.  It was freezing cold in L.A. and we wanted Korean soup to warm up the bodies at night.  So we surfed the web and found there are quite so many Korean restaurants in Garden Grove which is only a few miles away from Anaheim. After reading many great reviews about Gae Sung Restaurant, we decided to give it a try.

Absolutely no regret to have dinner at Gae Sung.  It is a mother-cooking style restaurant and their Gamjatang is famous in the Korean community!  Gamjatang is a pork neck bone potatoe soup.  The pork has been slow cooked for hours and that’s why it’s so so tender and soft.

We also ordered the Kimchi soup, Bean Paste soup and BBQ beef.  Very “local” Korean taste and I will definitely repeat in the next trip to Orange County.

Gae Sung Restaurant
9567 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92844
Tel: +1-714-530-1276

Korean BBQ Plus! in Concord (by Wallace)

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Last Friday night, we went to the “Korean BBQ Plus!” restaurant for dinner.  This restaurant is located in Concord and close to Costco.  The service and food quality are all-time two thumbs up.  The small dishes, including kimchi, will never disappoint you.  They are all home-made by the chef with fresh ingredients.  Just with the small dishes, I can easily finish a bowl of rice.  That night we ordered Gul Jun (Pan-fried Oyster), Yuk Keh Jang (Spicy Hot Beef Soup with Green Onions & Egg), Yang Nyum Gal Bi (Broiled Short Ribs Marinated in House Special Sauce), and Hae Mui Sun Tofu Chi Ghe (Soft Tofu Stew with Assorted Seafood).  Everything was GREAT!  Overall including tips, the dinner costed US$60 which was reasonable.

We have been to this restaurant for over 5 times.  Each time after the meal, we carry a happy face while walking out of the door.

Korean BBQ Plus!
1450 Monument Blvd, Concord, CA 94520
Tel: +1-925-680-9090

Korea House in Santa Clara (by Wallace)

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Wallace and Liliana went to see the Eagles band at HP Stadium in San Jose on May 1st, 2010.  We had two hours for dinner before the band show started; so we drove to Santa Clara and dined at the Korea House on El Camino Real.  This was the 2nd time dining there and Korea House still kept up the high standard of service and food quality.  Korean food is my all time favor.  Coming to Korea House for sure will not be a mistake!

Al Jige is a “fish egg” spicy soup.  The key to make it successful is to use fresh fish egg.  Korea House delivered the best Al Jige I ever had.  The Yook Hwe Bi Bim Bap is the normal Bi Bim Bap covered by “raw beef”.  Not each Korean restaurant in the Bay Area serves this dish.  The Korea House in Santa Clara is one of the rare ones which makes it so GOOD!   Kimchi’s were all home made and delicious.    Highly recommend……

Korean food + Eagles Live Concert = Perfect Night

Another Golf Club Meal

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Had to pick up Vincent at Pudong in early afternoon, I started my round of golf at 8am at Shanghai Silport Golf Club (上海旭寶高爾夫俱樂部) and played at really fast pace. By 10:30am, I was already in the club house. After a quick shower, I walked upstairs to have my usual Korean Bin Bin Ban (韓國石鍋拌飯). Look at the pictures to see whether you can tell whether I liked it or not.

20091126 Silport A20091126 Silport B20091126 Silport C20091126 Silport D

Tofu or Sushi?

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

20091007 Tofu House AYesterday we had to go to Los Altos in the afternoon and decided to have lunch in Palo Alto on the way. Arrived Tofu House at 4127 El Camino Real at 11:25am – 5 minutes too early – and found several cars at the parking lot waiting for its door to open. That’s a good sign. This would also be my first time tasting Korean food other than Ginseng Chicken, Rice in Stone Pot and Korean BBQ.

The place was clean and neat with mostly square tables for two or four.  When I ordered Seafood Soft Tofu (海鮮豆腐套餐 $9.24), the waitress asked how spicy I liked it to be.  My response was “extremely mild”.  I have this habit of sweating heavily when eating spicy food.  My wife ordered SoGoGi DolSot BiBimBob (牛肉石鍋拌飯 $12.48) because I have been telling her how much I love BiBimBob.  I was going to have a beer but they don’t sell alcoholic beverages.

The appetizers (“Banchan”) arrived in a couple of minutes. They looked really appetizing and tasted great, especially the bean sprout and glass noodle dishes.  The cucumber and potato dishes were not bad either.  I don’t care too much for Kimchi though.  Later we found that the waitress would refill these Banchan dishes as soon as we nearly finished them.

20091007 Tofu House B20091007 Tofu House C

The tofu was bubbling and the BiBimBob steaming when they arrived.  I promptly cracked the egg and mixed it with other ingredients in the stone pot.  There were several shrimps, one oyster and a lot of clams.  I first ate the shrimps and oyster and tasted the tofu with the spoon.  There were at least one or two clams in each spoonful of tofu. Very delicious (鮮) and perfect with the bowl of  purple rice. Instructed my wife to mix all the ingredients with the rice in the stone pot and let the heat of the pot to burn the rice slightly. The best part of this dish is the crust.  The only problem was that she only likes soft rice and found the rice too hard for her teeth.  The flavor of beef was not what she liked either. She should have ordered the tofu and I ordered the BiBimBob!  Maybe next time. Net, net, I found this tofu restaurant to be very good and would come back again.

20091007 Tofu House D20091007 Tofu House E

And that was yesterday.  While I liked the tofu place very much, the boss did not think that was good enough to celebrate our 32nd anniversary. To make sure there is no hard feeling for the year to come, I took her to the well proven sushi place today.  One benefit of this economic downturn is that you don’t have to call on the day before to make a reservation at Kaygetsu (桂月). As usual, we sat down at the sushi bar. My wife ordered her usual Mini Kaiseki lunch which was very delicately prepared.  I didn’t taste it but she seemed to enjoy it very much.

20091008 Kaygetsu A20091008 Kaygetsu B

I started with my favorite sake, the Masumi “Nanago” (真澄七号), a Junmai Daiginjo (純米大吟釀) which has smooth and clear flavors. The sushi was as good as ever.  In a sense, this is similar to McDonald’s in that you know what you are going to get when you walk in the door. This time we sat on the side of the sushi bar where we  had an unobstructed view of Toshi in action. I noticed that every he picked up a piece of fish, he carved out and threw away at least one-third, if not half,  of it.  He only serves the best part to customers. To have good sushi, you need a chef who is “decisive” (夠狠)!

20091008 Kaygetsu C20091008 Kaygetsu D20091008 Kaygetsu E20091008 Kaygetsu F20091008 Kaygetsu G20091008 Kaygetsu H20091008 Kaygetsu I20091008 Kaygetsu J