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Grand Hill Taiwanese Restaurant 圓山台灣料理

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Chan were so kind to take the FoodLover to lunch at Grand Hill 圓山 in Tsimshatsui. We ordered the Business Set Lunch for two plus an extra dish and that was more than enough for the three of us. This is a Taiwanese restaurant but the dishes are not limited to Taiwanese cuisine.

The Soup of The Day was not your typical soup; there were indeed plenty of ingredients in it. Shrimp dumplings were very Cantonese and good. My question was why there were five dumplings.

20130417 Grand Hill A20130417 Grand Hill B

Noodle and rice were typical Taiwanese. Portions were not big but enough; taste was yummy.

20130417 Grand Hill C20130417 Grand Hill E

Dry-fried French Beans were dry on the outside but pretty moist and soft inside. Salty Duck is a Nanjing special. We should have order a bottle of beer to go with that.

20130417 Grand Hill D20130417 Grand Hill F

This Stir-fried squid, pork with Celery dish was also very good, both its taste and presentation.

20130417 Grand Hill G

If you are in Tsimshatsui and want to have a decent and honest meal, give that place a try.

Grand Hill Taiwanese Restaurant 圓山台灣料理
Tel: +852-2721-9833

龍井村口浙江菜 – 龍井壹號

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

After purchasing new tea of the season, the FoodLover and brother Vincent had lunch at Longjing Restaurant near the entrance of Longjing Village. What I like about this restaurant is that it serves mostly Zhejiang cuisine and does it well. Nowadays, too many restaurants are trying to sell expensive dishes of all provinces but cannot do anything well.

We ordered a few typical Zhejiang/Hangzhou appetizers followed by a main dish – the Braised Wild Mandarin Fish that was partially responsible for my foot problem a couple of years ago. Drink of the day was 8-year-old rice wine 會稽山八年陳. All the dishes were pretty good, especially the jelly fish and the Longjing Shrimps. You can find jelly fish in most Zhejiang/Shanghai restaurants but seldom have it so crispy 爽脆.

20130410 Longjing B20130410 Longjing C20130410 Longjing A20130410 Longjing D20130410 Longjing E20130410 Longjing F

This pot of braised seafood is not the best for somebody who has uric acid problem but it surely tastes good.

20130410 Longjing G


Chicken Congee at KFC

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

After the terrible experience at McDonald’s, the FoodLover tried the congee breakfast at KFC which was conveniently located in the basement of the hotel. The congee tasted OK except for the tiny portion. The fried dough (油條) was too oily and “dense”. The egg obviously had been “manufactured” in a factory before shipping to this restaurant; I couldn’t say it tasted bad because it had no taste. The small cup of coffee was actually the best part of this breakfast simply because it did taste like coffee.

Total cost of this breakfast was RMB15 including RMB5 for the coffee. When a friend heard that I had chicken congee for breakfast, he told me to be careful of the bird-flu. My response: What chicken? I couldn’t find any trace of chicken in this congee.

KFC 肯德基 2013.4.7

After learning my lessons at McDonald’s and KFC, I would buy some bread at the Yamasaki in Tai Ping Yang Department Store across the street in the evening for breakfast in the next morning.

KFC 肯德基
電話: +86-21-63906707

Shanghai Sun Island International Golf Club 上海太陽島國際高爾夫俱樂部 Old Course Hole #17

Shanghai Sun Island International Golf Club 上海太陽島國際高爾夫俱樂部 Old Course Hole #17

There’s Hope – Fey 福恩緣

Friday, February 1st, 2013

20130201 Fey AFor many years, the FoodLovers have been looking for a good Chinese restaurant in the Menlo Park/Palo Alto area to no avail. To have decent Chinese food, we have to drive tens of miles north to Millbrae, south to Cupertino, or east to Fremont or Milpitas.

There was a Cantonese restaurant – Ten Fu 天福 – only two miles away but the food was so bad we never returned after that visit about twenty years ago. That’s why we weren’t  unhappy to see it closed a few months ago. In its place is now a Sichuan and northern style restaurant, Fey Restaurant 福恩緣. F.E.Y. are the initials of its Chinese name Fu En Yuan.

Just in case Fey was another loser, we went there for lunch instead of dinner. First impression was not bad as we walked in. The place was bright and clean; waiting staff was friendly. The Luncheon Specials were reasonably priced at $7.25 to $7.95 that was comparable to prices at nearby restaurants. I wanted to have noodle so I skipped the Luncheon Special and ordered Beijing Bean Sauce Noodles 北京炸醬麵. Mrs. FoodLover had the Beef with Tofu Lunch.

The noodle was pretty crunchy and the sauce had a lot of meat. It was not bad but I would like it to be a little bit sweeter. Mrs. liked her Beef with Tofu. The beef was not tough as those served at most Chinese restaurants here. The portions were big too. I could feel the noodle in my stomach as I walked out. Both dishes came with complimentary Hot and Sour Soup which was again not bad but slightly on the sour side.

20130201 Fey B20130201 Fey C

It is too early to say that this is a winner but there is HOPE. We will probably come back for dinner before giving the final verdict. There are induction cooktops on each table for hotpot. We may try that too.

Fey Restaurant 福恩緣
1368 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Tel: +1-650-324-8888

Starred Jiangnan Cuisine – 浙江軒

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Zhe Jiang Heen 浙江軒 – a Michelin One-Star restaurant – is not a private club but does offer certain benefits to its members who are willing to pay a one-time fee of HK$3,000. Being one of the privileged members, Lincoln was so kind to arrange a dinner there for the FoodLover with some old friends.

Frankly speaking, we were so busy catching up with each other and discussing various social economic issues, not enough attention was paid to the wonderful food at the table. The dinner started with a few traditional Jiangsu/Zhejiang cold dishes.

Fried Eels were really crispy and delicious.

20121127 Zhe Jiang Heen A20121127 Zhe Jiang Heen B

This Sliced Gelatin Ham looked good and tasted so.

20121127 Zhe Jiang Heen C

Jelly Fish was crunchy but not tough. Smoked Eggs had this fragrant smoke aroma with really soft yolk.

20121127 Zhe Jiang Heen D20121127 Zhe Jiang Heen E

Braised Pork Leg is a dish you see all over Jiangnan 江南. The chef there definitely knew how to make it tender and tasty.

20121127 Zhe Jiang Heen F

20121127 Zhe Jiang Heen G20121127 Zhe Jiang Heen H

This crab meat with roe (蟹粉) was much, much better than what I had in Shanghai in the previous week. The FoodLover will seriously consider moving the Annual Crab Banquet from Shanghai to Hong Kong next year.

20121127 Zhe Jiang Heen I

20121127 Zhe Jiang Heen J20121127 Zhe Jiang Heen L

Just a look at this picture of Sauteed Eels would get one’s saliva dripping.

20121127 Zhe Jiang Heen K

Little yellow croakers were crispy. The Deep Fried Egg Whites with Red Bean Paste was a little cool so the captain gave up a complimentary fruit platter.

20121127 Zhe Jiang Heen M20121127 Zhe Jiang Heen N

Obviously, this restaurant is highly recommended, especially for those who come from overseas and only have limited time to taste good food. Thanks, Lincoln and friends.

Zhe Jiang Heen 浙江軒
電話: +852-2877-9011

Korean Style Chinese Food – Hung’s Kitchen 鴻廚(聖拉蒙)

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

The FoodLover and friends had a nice round of golf at The Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon and were looking for a good place for mid-afternoon snack. Keith could not join us for snack but recommended Hung’s Kitchen 鴻廚 which was famous for its Pork Dumplings 小籠包.

After we ordered the dumplings and noodle, the waiter recommended “Two Pieces of Skin” 兩張皮 as appetizer. This “Two Pieces of Skin” is sometimes called Rainbow Salad which has it origin in Korea. The waiter told us that the owner of this restaurant originally came from Northern China and had spent years in Korea before moving to the U.S.

This salad was huge and we were asked to mix everything up before tasting it. It was very appetizing with the presence of wasabi 山葵. It was obvious that 粉皮 was one of the two skins but I couldn’t figure out what the second skin was.

Other dishes such as Pork Dumplings, Potstickers and noodles were OK but not as outstanding as the salad. The 大滷麵 was definitely not what I used to have.

All in all, this is not a bad place for snack.

Hung’s Kitchen 鴻廚
500 Bollinger Canyon Way, San Ramon, CA 94582
Tel: +1-925-735-8880

Hot Pot in Montreal – Fondue Chinoise À Volonté (by Wallace)

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Went to a Hot Pot place for lunch (I skipped breakfast and felt hungry at lunch time). This Fondue restaurant at the corner of St. Mathieu and Maisonneuve is one block from my business meeting place.

The beef was not top-graded but it is very fine for the price of Canadian$16 including taxes. The meat was thinly sliced and it melted in your mouth after cooking in the broth for few seconds. You have the choices of regular or spicy broth. All you can eat meat balls, liver, vegetable, noodle… And complementary Sour Plum Drink and icecream. Feel interesting to dine Chinese hot pot in a French style decorated venue.

Fondue Chinoise À Volonté
1448 Rue Saint Mathieu, Montréal, QC H3H, Canada

Suzhou Style Noodle – 任氏蘇州麵菜館

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

It was Sunday. The FoodLover went out to walk around the old section of Shanghai along Suzhou River (蘇州河).

He wasn’t too hungry at lunch time and wanted something simple. This little noodle shop across the street from the hotel looked decent so he gave it a try. He ordered Pork and Fish Noodle (燜肉爆魚麵) and Preserved Egg (醬蛋). The pork was tasty with 70% lean meat and 30% fat. Deep-fried fish was a little soggy and not very fresh. The FoodLover couldn’t tell the difference between Shanghai Style Noodle and Suzhou Style Noodle; texture of this noodle was good. Not a bad lunch for less than US$3.

The Preserved Egg never arrived. Service was very slow. This shop was obviously short staffed.

電話﹕ +86-21-5119-7388

In the morning, the FoodLover took a walk in the neighborhood and found a peaceful Suzhou River.

Quiet Sunday morning.

From Zhejiang Lu Bridge with Oriental Pearl Tower in the background.

The FoodLover then went back to Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street.

Lucky guy.

Not as lucky.

She seemed to be annoyed by the smoking.

They had a tough decision to make.

Farm Cuisine 農家菜 – 龍井阿巧茶莊

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

As in previous years, the FoodLover took a day-trip from Shanghai to Hangzhou to purchase fresh Longjing tea (新茶). After getting his tea, the FoodLover could not leave the tea farmer’s driveway because the road was blocked by a long line of cars. The tea farmer, Ah Qiao (阿巧) was very kind to ask them to stay for lunch and served this braised fish – a Hangzhou specialty. The other few dishes of vegetable and meat were no bad; this fish was great. It was fresh and had this light sweet taste typical of Zhejiang dishes.

The road was clear after lunch.

電話﹕ +86-571-8798-2583

Tea plants.

Longjing tea.

Sampling tea of various quality.

Ah Qiao the owner of this tea farm is 65 years old and looks much younger than that, especially for a “farmer” . She manages the tea business with her daughter and daughter-in-law. The three ladies have done very well over the years. This was only a small shack when the FoodLover first came 12 years ago. There are tables in front of the house for visitors to taste tea and have meals. Many visitors from the city go there to have lunch and spend all day playing cards. Charge for meal is about RMB100 per person. Longjing tea there is RMB30-50 per person.

Ah Qiao and her house.

Ah Qiao's daughter.

Ah Qiao's daughter-in-law - a Zhejiang University graduate.

Rich Bowl of Rice Noodle – 新武二

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Vincent came to pick me up at 8am to have a quick breakfast so I could go back to pack up at the hotel. San Mou I 新武二 was just a few blocks away.

This is a neighborhood restaurant for the masses so prices were reasonable (大眾化). A bowl of noodle cost MOP20 and each additional ingredient cost MOP7. A cup of coffee was only MOP8.

I ordered a cup of coffee and rice noodle with oysters, minced meat and fish balls. The fish balls (墨魚丸) were crunchy (彈牙) and oysters were fresh. This bowl of rice noodle as a whole was very delicious.

San Mou I 新武二廣潮福粉麵食館
45 R. de Bruxelas, Alameda Dutor Carlos d’Assumpção, Macau 宋玉生廣場(皇朝)布魯塞爾街45號

On the previous day, I spent a couple hours at the Senado Square 議事亭前地 testing the reach of my super-zoom compact camera. Here are some of the shots.