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Galo 公雞葡國餐廳

Monday, November 30th, 2009

20091130 Galo BThe flight from Shanghai was delayed and arrived Macau at almost 6pm. Mother came to pick me up at the hotel in Taipa and went straight to the famous “手信街” (官也街). Our destination was Tai Tong (大東飯店) but unfortunately it does not open on Mondays and Tuesdays. We walked to the end of the street and found a table on the second floor of Galo Portuguese Restaurant 公雞葡國餐廳 (官也街47號).

We ordered soups, grilled sardine, roast chicken, and fried cabbage. the mixed vegetables soup I ordered was not bad and the bread was soft and crispy. By the way, it seems that all restaurants in Macau always serve good bread. I wonder what makes it so difficult that restaurants in Hong Kong cannot do that.

The sardines and fried cabbage were good. I already ate on the flight so didn’t touch the chicken at all.

What I noticed was that service here was much inferior comparing to the Galo in 新口岸. The table next to ours was complaining that their dish did not come for an hour. When they mentioned to the waitress that it was warm in the corner where they were sitting, the waitress asked them to turn on the air condition by themselves. She reluctantly went over to switch on the air conditioner only after the customer refused to do so. It would never happen at their restaurant in 新口岸 where the owner (老板娘) “manned” the shop most of the time.

20091130 Galo A20091130 Galo C20091130 Galo D20091130 Galo E20091130 Galo F20091130 Galo G20091130 Galo H

浦東等機 舒舒服服

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Being one of Cathay Pacific’s loyal customers, I get to use their airport lounge in most of the cities where they fly. The lounge in Pudong is large and comfortable. I poured myself a glass of white wine and started to catch up on emails at one of the many computer terminals available. You cannot have a big feast here like the Cathay lounge in Hong Kong but there are enough snacks and dim sum to keep one from being hungry.

20091130 CX Lounge A20091130 CX Lounge B20091130 CX Lounge C20091130 CX Lounge D20091130 CX Lounge E20091130 CX Lounge F

Lisboa Yum Yum Pot 葡京煲煲好

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Having had so much rich Shanghainese food in the past few days, we wanted to have something lighter today. The Lisboa Yum Yum Pot 葡京煲煲好(盧灣區淮海中路138號無限度廣場2樓) is only three blocks from our hotel and we decided to give it a try. This restaurant positions itself somewhere between a Hong Kong style cafe (港式茶餐廳) and a Cantonese restaurant (粵菜酒樓); we felt right at home.

Food was not bad. We could not resist trying the Dr. Ho’s Clay Pot Rice (何博士煲仔飯) which came out to be pretty healthy for clay pot rice dishes. I still don’t know whether Dr. Ho invented this dish or he simply likes it! The stir-fried vegetable was very ordinary but the “meat cake” (肉餅) was delicious. The Hong Kong style Milk Tea was a total disappointment – it tasted like milk with slight color of tea. 茶冇茶味.

20091129 Lisboa Yum Yum Pot A20091129 Lisboa Yum Yum Pot B20091129 Lisboa Yum Yum Pot C20091129 Lisboa Yum Yum Pot D20091129 Lisboa Yum Yum Pot E20091129 Lisboa Yum Yum Pot F20091129 Lisboa Yum Yum Pot G20091129 Lisboa Yum Yum Pot H


Sunday, November 29th, 2009

20091129 Lang Yi Fang AAfter having noodle at 德興麵館 for breakfast, Lincoln and Maggie went to tour the old part of town while I stayed in the room to do some more video editing. For lunch, we took the subway across Huang Pu River (黃浦江) to Lu Jia Zui (陸家嘴) in Pudong (浦東). Lang Yi Fang Restaurant (廊亦舫酒家) – a Shanghainese restaurant highly recommended by You Shi Ji – is located in the huge Super Brand Mall (正大廣場). I don’t know the exact size of this mall; can only say that it is at least two or three times as big as the Pacific Place in Hong Kong.

Before tasting the food, we were most impressed by the waitress (a young lady from Hubei 湖北) who seemed to know about every item on the menu and was very helpful in making suggestions. She also handled the situation very well when we later threw tough questions about food quality at her. She could always come up with a somewhat reasonable answer for each question in a pleasant manner. We figured that she would either be promoted quickly or be stolen by other restaurants pretty soon.

While the waitress was great, presentation of food there was good, and quality of food was just average. Maybe our expectation was raised too high by Mr. You a couple days earlier. The stewed fish was tasty and tender but the chicken meat was so tough we couldn’t even finished half of the dish. Not a bad restaurant if you are entertaining guests who enjoy nice view of the Bund more than the food. It’s not cheap either.

20091129 Lang Yi Fang B20091129 Lang Yi Fang C20091129 Lang Yi Fang D20091129 Lang Yi Fang E20091129 Lang Yi Fang F20091129 Lang Yi Fang G20091129 Lang Yi Fang H20091129 Lang Yi Fang I


Saturday, November 28th, 2009

20091128 Tai Sheng Yuan ALincoln and Maggie went shopping at Nanjing Road Walking Street (南京路步行街) after visiting the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center (上海城市規劃展視館). For those who visit Shanghai the first time, this exhibition center is a good place to find out where the city is heading. We met at noon for lunch. Huang He Road (黃河路) is a short street behind the famous International Hotel (國際飯店) where one can find numerous restaurants for locals and tourists as well. Tai Sheng Yuan 苔聖園 (黃河路50號) is the first restaurant on the street and also one of my favorites for local cuisine.

Maggie is a born Shanghainese and did the ordering. According to Lincoln and Maggie, the Shanghainese food there was not bad but not as good as what they had in Beijing a month ago.

20091128 Tai Sheng Yuan B20091128 Tai Sheng Yuan C20091128 Tai Sheng Yuan D20091128 Tai Sheng Yuan E20091128 Tai Sheng Yuan F20091128 Tai Sheng Yuan G20091128 Tai Sheng Yuan H


Friday, November 27th, 2009

The Food Lover has been organizing crab tasting dinners with formal colleagues and old friends in Shanghai this time of the year. This is the ninth time. Over the years, the event has been moved from Wang Bao He 王寶和 to Xin Guang 新光, and to Cheng Long Hang Crab Restaurant 成隆行蟹王府 (九江路216號 Tel: 021-6321-2010).

The taste of these dishes cannot be described in human languages; I won’t even try.

20091127 Cheng Long Hang A20091127 Cheng Long Hang B20091127 Cheng Long Hang C20091127 Cheng Long Hang D20091127 Cheng Long Hang E20091127 Cheng Long Hang F20091127 Cheng Long Hang G20091127 Cheng Long Hang H20091127 Cheng Long Hang I20091127 Cheng Long Hang J20091127 Cheng Long Hang K20091127 Cheng Long Hang L

For professional opinion on these dishes, take a look at this video:

If you have problem watching the clip, try this link:

Here’s the video demonstrating how to get the meat out of the shell:

Alternative link:


Friday, November 27th, 2009

20091127 ZhuJiaJiao AZhu Jia Jiao (朱家角) is my favorite “Village on the Water” (水鄉) around Shanghai. It’s within one hour from Shanghai city center and not as commercialized and crowded as bigger and more developed Zhou Zhuang (周莊) and Tong Li (同里).

After taking a boat tour and walking around this old town for a couple of hours, we found ourselves in front of this relatively clean and bright restaurant by the water. We were seated upstairs at a table by the window overlooking a good part of the village.

We basically took recommendations of the waitress who gave us pretty good idea of local favorites. My only decision was to order the local Zhu Jia Jiao Beer (朱家角20091127 ZhuJiaJiao B啤酒) and that was not a good one. The beer was brewed specially to match the watery nature of the surrounding – pretty watery and tasteless.

Our lunch was a typical “Country Style Meal” (農家菜). The Spiral Shell Snail (香辣螺絲) was delicious with a tiny trace of spice – perfect dish to whet one’s appetite. “Grass Head” (草頭) is local vegetable grown around the Shanghai area. It’s pretty chewy and tough but great when cooked with moderate amount of oil and wine.  The “Silver Fish stir-fried with Eggs” (銀魚炒蛋) is one of three most famous local favorites – “Three Whites” (三白). One can finish a couple bowls of rice with this dish alone. Steamed White Fish (清蒸白絲魚) is another one of the “Three Whites”; it’s was extremely fresh. We finished the whole fish in no time despite the numerous small bones typical of fresh-water fishes. We could not complete our tasting of the “Three Whites” because White Shrimps (白蝦) were out of season.

Fortunately, Jiao Bai (茭白), a type of bamboo-shoot like vegetable was in season and our 油燜茭白 with typical Shanghai style cooking (oily and sweet) was great. The tofu in the soup was so smooth (滑); the three of us almost finished the big pot of soup (see picture).

This lunch cost a total of ¥175 (US$25) but could easily be considered as one of the best meal at any price given the food quality, environment, and company.

We were full and had about five hours to digest before the highly anticipated crab dinner in the evening.

20091127 ZhuJiaJiao C20091127 ZhuJiaJiao D20091127 ZhuJiaJiao E20091127 ZhuJiaJiao F20091127 ZhuJiaJiao G20091127 ZhuJiaJiao H

Here’s an interesting business model. You leave a pan of water outside with a sign saying that washing one’s hands in it will bring prosperity, hoping that your customers will put ¥1 in the pan afterward.

20091127 ZhuJiaJiao I

The Tuna House Again

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

20091126 Tenya ALincoln and Maggie’s flight was delayed by an hour; it was already 8pm by the time we arrived the hotel. For their first meal in Shanghai, we decided to have something light, such as Toro.

The nearby Tenya 天家 (太倉路68號, Tel:021-5383-6886) was still full at 9pm and we waited 10 minutes for a table. Too tired to think of what to order, each of us just took the ¥380 set dinner of Toro and Crabs. The sashimi was great, especially O-Toro that passed the melt-in-the-mouth test. Steamed King Crab was good for crab-lover like me but not outstanding. Sushi was not as good as the sashimi – still delicious for the price. The hotpot was perfect to complete a well balanced meal with vegetable and more crab. The udon added to the hotpot at the end absorbed the taste of crab and other ingredients. After udon, a bowl of Negi-toro-don (香蔥腹脂飯) – not shown in the pictures – was served to make sure nobody would leave with a half-full stomach.

Next time we will order the ¥280 set dinner which is the basically the same except the sushi. With the ¥100 saved, we will order the ¥98 O-Toro dish consisting of 5 pieces of big fat O-Toro.

Want a good dinner at reasonable price, you can’t go wrong at Tenya.  Does this sound like a commercial?

20091126 Tenya B20091126 Tenya C20091126 Tenya D20091126 Tenya E20091126 Tenya F20091126 Tenya G

For those who are pursuing a career in translation, here’s an example (you decide whether it’s good or bad).

Pudong Airport

Another Golf Club Meal

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Had to pick up Vincent at Pudong in early afternoon, I started my round of golf at 8am at Shanghai Silport Golf Club (上海旭寶高爾夫俱樂部) and played at really fast pace. By 10:30am, I was already in the club house. After a quick shower, I walked upstairs to have my usual Korean Bin Bin Ban (韓國石鍋拌飯). Look at the pictures to see whether you can tell whether I liked it or not.

20091126 Silport A20091126 Silport B20091126 Silport C20091126 Silport D

Golf Club Meal

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Finally got the chance to golf on this trip to Shanghai. After a round at Shanghai Sunisland Golf Club (上海太陽島高爾夫球會), I had a simple set lunch to refuel.

20091125 Sunisland A20091125 Sunisland B