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小菜王Again (by Lincoln)

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Lincoln (阿齡) was so happy with 小菜王 that he took his twin brother and family there during the holiday season when they came to visit from Singapore. For those who have not seen Lincoln for a long time, can you tell which one is him?

Ordering Cantonese Food for Westerners 鬼佬食中菜 – Fu Lam Mum Restaurant 山景城富臨門

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

It’s Christmas again and most of our nephews and nieces in the U.S. have come to the Bay area. This year, the Xmas/New Year dinner was held at Fu Lam Mum Restaurant 富臨門 in nearby Mountain View 山景城. Since most of the guests have grown up in the States who would prefer Sweet and Sour Pork over abalone, the normally bland Cantonese food probably would not work. On this kind of occasions, it is better to order fried dishes with heavy flavor and not to waste money on steamed seafood. Here’s what we had for 14 big-eaters.

BBQ Platter is a must for Westerners; the BBQ Pork and Roast Duck were gone in no time. Chinese Style Sauteed Beef was specifically ordered for Christopher who likes beef but nothing else. He promptly took a quarter of the beef before anybody else had a chance. I tried a piece of the beef strip and found it to be tender and moist; the sauce was delicious too.

Roasted Squabs were a little bit disappointing. They were too lean and obviously overcooked – dry and tough. Prawns with Cashew Nuts were not bad but the taste was probably a little too bland for westerners.

As expected, Sweet and Sour Pork was well received. A few guests liked the ox tail for the flavor but others who would like to have a lot of meat (啖啖肉) would not take the trouble to get small pieces of delicious meat out of the bone .

A dinner for ABCs is not complete unless there is plenty of fried rice and we had enough for everybody.

The crab dish was ordered for my mother-in-law and myself and we had no problem finishing it. I always like crab with ginger and scallion which is more moist than the pepper and salt version. Instead of ordering Bean Sprout (豆苗) as we usually do, we had Chinese Broccoli (芥蘭) and it was better than expected – very fresh 幼嫩.

Peking Duck is another must-have and we were lucky that this restaurant has a US$15 for Tuesdays. By this time, most of the food were gone and I sensed that not everybody was full yet. Asked the waitress what dishes would be quick to prepare; she suggested Stir Fried Crab Meat and Beef Steak Cubes and Tofu. Glad that I listened to her; these dishes were pretty good and I would probably order them again next time.

We have been here a few times before and had mixed experience. Whenever we came on Chinese holidays such as Chinese New Year when the restaurant was crowded, service and food were bad. Today was our lucky day that we had good food and decent service.

Kwan Kee 坤記煲仔小菜 (by Wallace)

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

After the food search in Causeway Bay during day time on 11/23/2009, Louis (my cousin) brought us to Kwan Kee Hot Pot Restaurant 坤記煲仔小菜 for dinner at 6pm.   Located at Kwai Heung Street, Sheung Wan (cross street at Queens Road West),  Kwan Kee is probably one of the few restaurants in Hong Kong still using “charcoal” to cook “hot pot rice”.  Kwan Kee is a small place.  It operates from 11am to mid-night.  If indoor is full, customers usually do not mind to eat outside the restaurant.

Kwan Kee is not only famous for “hot pot rice”.  Their small dish cookings are also great (Dai-Pai-Dong 大牌檔 style).  The black bean & pepper clam has much “wok gas” (鑊氣). The deep fried “lian yu kao” (鯪魚球) was an eye-opener for us.  The size of the fish ball was as big as a ping pong ball.  The “clam sauce”, which came with the fish ball, tasted so good.  Impressive!

After Kwan Kee, Louis brought us to Yuen Kee 源記甜品專家 which was just one block from Kwan Kee.  Yuen Kee was over hundred years old selling “classic steamed cake”.  Their “egg tea” is well-known in the old HK community as well.  Yuen Kee’s cake was the perfect dessert to close out our food hunt for the day!!!

What is “Du Le” 『都樂』係乜嘢?

Monday, December 28th, 2009

While we are on the subject of interesting translation, here’s another example:

Wallace 食雲吞 – Ho Hung Kee 何洪記 (by Wallace)

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

On 11/23/2009, the Tang family had a mission to search for some foods that are hardly found in California.  Causeway Bay is a central location where you can find the best wonton noodle and “street snacks”.

Firstly we drove to Time-Square, parked and walked to Ho Hung Kee 何洪記 (a block from Time-Square) at 銅鑼灣霎東街2號.  Ho Hung Kee (founded in 1946) is famous for wonton noodle and congee “jook”.  The wonton noodle is served in small bowl and cost HK$28 each (kinda expensive when compared to the other usual HK wonton restaurants).  Please note the traditional way to serve wonton noodle is to put wonton at the bottom of the bowl and put egg noodle on the top.

We also ordered the crunchy raw fish skin served with ginger and green onion.  Of course the pork kidney/liver “jook” is a must to have.

After eating at Ho Hung Kee, we walked back to Times Square and stop by a “street side” snack shop (across the street from Times Square’s clock tower) where we found pig ears, chicken kidney, small intestine, curry fish ball, and egget.

Wallace 歎海鮮 – Hon Kee Seafood 漢記海鮮酒家 (by Wallace)

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

On 11/22/2009 night, I decided to go to Lei Yue Mun (Carp’s Channel) 鯉魚門 and visit my friend’s Dad (Mr. LAM Shun Wo; a.k.a. “Uncle Wo”) who owns and operates the “Hon Kee Seafood Restaurant” 漢記海鮮酒家. Lei Yue Mun is famous for “expensive” seafood. But my Dad always says “if you want to eat good seafood; gotta spend some good money on them” 欲嘗海上鮮 莫惜腰間錢. That’s my driving force to work harder and save some $$$ to go Lei Yue Mun. Ha Ha Ha….

I have known Uncle Wo for over 25 years. Whenever I visit his restaurant, he always gives me good recommendation on what kinds of seafood for the meal.

Wallace 食盤菜 – 萬里緣盤菜專門店 (by Wallace)

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Our HK food adventure started on 11/20/2009.  There is a famous “basin dish” maker called  萬里緣盆菜專門店 located in Yuen Long.

盆菜 is not new to me because I grew up in a hakka village (Tsing Yi Island).  During my childhood, at least once a year we (as original villager) would make 盆菜 to celebrate special occasion in our village.  In recent years, our village found the 萬里緣盆菜 and started ordering from them instead of making the “basin dish” by ourselves.  There is no table at this place.  “Take out” service only!  On 11/20/2009 I called the place and ordered the HK$800 basin (good enough for up to 12 people) in the afternoon.  Drove to 萬里緣 and picked it up at 7pm (well-wrapped) and we enjoyed the food in my sister’s home.  Vera (my sister) cooked yummy “meat crab” for appetizer and Jack (my brother-in-law) provided very nice red wine to go with the 盆菜.

The unique technique to eat 盆菜 is to eat layer by layer; from top to bottom.  Don’t stir the food; otherwise the “tastes and sauces” will be mixed.  Hey, you don’t need to return the “basin”…’s yours!  The customer can keep the basin as souvenir.

渡耶誕 食肥雞

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

If you don’t like the taste of big turkey or don’t want to spend hours preparing one, you can always have a small turkey, a.k.a. “chicken”, for Xmas. That’s what we have today. To make life even easier, I went to Costco to buy a freshly roasted 3-lb chicken instead of cooking it ourselves. It tastes as good as, if not better than, any chicken you can have at your favorite restaurant. The cost? US$4.99 (i.e. HK$38.90 or RMB34).

Merry Christmas!

Food Lover’s Real Diet

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Following the Food Lover’s blog for the past few weeks, one may wonder why he is still alive to tell the story after eating so much fat and oily food every day. The truth is that his real diet most of the time is high on fiber and low on fat. The following is a sample of the Food Lover’s daily diet for at least four to five days per week.

Food Lover's Diet AFood Lover's Diet BFood Lover's Diet CFood Lover's Diet D

深水埗小菜王(by Lincoln)

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Lincoln has taken a few photos at a small restaurant, 小菜王 (深水埗福榮街43號近石硤尾街) during his dinner with ex-colleagues last week. The food there was reasonably good and price was not expensive at all. Five of them had ordered the food from the images below and it cost a total of less than HK$900 (including a few bottles of Haribun beers) and tips of around HK50.

This restaurant is currently a hot spot for Cantonese food, his friend told him that they have 5 ground floor stores in the same street and they only do business around 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon to 2.00 a.m. in the morning.

20091210 Siu Choiu Wong A20091210 Siu Choiu Wong B20091210 Siu Choiu Wong C20091210 Siu Choiu Wong D20091210 Siu Choiu Wong E