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Edoko Buffet in Berkeley (by Wallace)

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Last weekend we had a sushi buffet dinner at Edoko (on University Avenue in Berkeley).  The restaurant has opened for 8 years and received some compliments from local newspaper.  It was quiet when we were there last Saturday (our first time).  Limited sushi choices but okay for a family dinner.  I appreciated they froze the beer mug before serving the beer.  Miso soup was nice…..I had two bowls.

Chicken Pho You 老地方 in Millbrae (by Wallace)

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

“Chicken Pho You” 老地方 has grand open in Millbrae for a few months.  It is located at the quiet end of Broadway (close to Millbrae Avenue) and that’s why not so many people are aware of its existence.  Went out there for a lunch with co-worker and tried a few items.  The Chicken Noodle Soup is fine but not the best I had so far.  The home-made dehydrated pork and soy-sauce pigeon over rice is a special combination.  Pan-fried dumplings are so so…..but the Vietnamese egg rolls are pretty good.  Overall….not bad.

Korea House in Santa Clara (by Wallace)

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Wallace and Liliana went to see the Eagles band at HP Stadium in San Jose on May 1st, 2010.  We had two hours for dinner before the band show started; so we drove to Santa Clara and dined at the Korea House on El Camino Real.  This was the 2nd time dining there and Korea House still kept up the high standard of service and food quality.  Korean food is my all time favor.  Coming to Korea House for sure will not be a mistake!

Al Jige is a “fish egg” spicy soup.  The key to make it successful is to use fresh fish egg.  Korea House delivered the best Al Jige I ever had.  The Yook Hwe Bi Bim Bap is the normal Bi Bim Bap covered by “raw beef”.  Not each Korean restaurant in the Bay Area serves this dish.  The Korea House in Santa Clara is one of the rare ones which makes it so GOOD!   Kimchi’s were all home made and delicious.    Highly recommend……

Korean food + Eagles Live Concert = Perfect Night

Ark in Alameda (by Wallace)

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Heard about Ark 古舟美食 for a while and got a chance to try it out in mid-April.  Located in Alameda, Ark is well known for their “hand-pulled” noodle 手拉麵 (Northern China style).  Actually I liked the dumplings better than the noodle.  The noodle was made to order in front of customers… fresh!  The soup taste was just average; not so impressive.

Another Test – Cooking Papa 好煮意

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Mrs. Food Lover had not yet been to Cooking Papa 好煮意 so we decided to have lunch there today while her sister was in town. I also took the opportunity to test the camera of my new Nexus One.

I was not impressed by rice noodle rolls and congee here during previous visits; this time we ordered rice and fried noodles. The Chow Fun with Beef and Soy Sauce 干炒牛河 I had was not bad; not too oily but the beef was a little tough. Mrs. Food Lover had rice with BBQ Delicacies: the roasted pork belly 燒腩肉was good and roast duck 燒鴨 was acceptable but the BBQ pork 叉燒 was a little dry. It’s interesting that they included preserved egg 鹵蛋 instead of the usual salty egg 鹹蛋 in this rice dish; the preserved egg was pretty bland. The Low Mein 撈麵 was bland too, so Mrs. Food Lover’s sister had to add soy sauce. All in all, not a bad lunch for around $25.

The pictures were not bad for a mobile phone in this low-light environment but it is still no substitute for a real camera. Details were not as sharp and colors were not as vivid as those taken with my other cameras.

Here’s another picture taken by Mrs. Food Lover with her Canon S90. Much better.

Cooking Papa 好煮意
2830 Homestead Road
Santa Clara, CA 95051
Tel: (408)247-3748

See What We Had in Stockton – Burger/Tot and Cherry (by Wallace)

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Had a trip to Stockton today and the kids always like to have lunch at the “Sonic”.  Sonic is a chain fast food / burger restaurant in Central California (sorry….none in the San Francisco Bay Area).  You can park in their parking lots and order food without leaving your car.  The waiter/waitress will then rollerblade with a tray of food to your car and you can hang the tray at your car door and eat in your vehicle.

After the order instead of staying in our van, we chose to get out and stretch a bit.  There are some tables (outdoor) where we sit down and enjoyed the famous Sonic burger, tots & slush……. and……..California sunshine in Central Valley.  This Sonic is located in the Trinity Plaza at the corner of Inter State Highway 5 and Eight Miles Road.

On the way drivng back home, we saw numerous stalls selling freshly picked cherries on Highway 12 and 160.  So we pulled over and got a box (over 20 lbs) for only $18 from the farmer.  Fresh, crunchy, sweet and juicy!   Yum yum yum.

Scott’s Seafood Restaurant in Walnut Creek (by Wallace)

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Last night we had a dinner at Scott’s Seafood Restaurant.  It is located in downtown Walnut Creek.  Nice service with complimentary valet parking in their own garage.  The Steamed Clams bucket was a two-thumb up!  Clam Chowder Soup and Hawaiian Pizza were okay.  The Seafood Cioppino was great and big in portion.  The Dungeness Crab Meat Pasta with cream sauce was tasteful!  We couldn’t finish the meal and had the leftover boxed for next day’s meal.

This restaurant is right next to the famous “Yogurt Castle”.  After the dinner at Scott’s, we walked to next door and got yummy yogurts…….what the best way to end a Friday night with family!!!

上野木曾路涮涮鍋食記 (by Jill Deng)

Friday, May 21st, 2010


2010年3月15日 dinner


吃東西超慢的我其實比較擔心的是看表演的時間,不過想到台灣的涮涮鍋客人一上門就把所有餐點通通都擺在客人面前的供餐方式,心想一個鐘頭內多半能夠搞定吧!哪想到Judy帶我去的是一家頗有盛名及口碑的涮涮鍋專門店—-木曽路。(註:旅行處處都能夠長知識,「木曾路(Kiso-Ji)」,字如其義,當然就是指一條路的名稱囉,它是 17~19 世紀作爲連結江戶(現在的東京)與京都的交通要道而發展起來的大路,位於德川幕府時代開發的中山道的中央,被險山峻嶺圍繞,在長野線南部的櫻澤至十曲之間約八六公里的部分稱為木曾路。)

由於芭蕾公演的會場是在上野車站旁的東京會館,所以我們去的是木曾路上野店(地址:東京都台東区上野2-7-13 JTB・損保ジャパン上野共同ビル B1),就在秋葉原電器街的附近,這家店據說在關東、中部、關西、九州等地都有分店,光在東京地區就有21家分店呢。





迎接初春,餐廳也推出了初綠季節的套餐,對我們這種行色匆匆等下要趕場的旅客而言,自然不可能吃這種套裝大餐,所以點的是餐廳招牌的涮涮鍋及燒肉等,這家店可透過網路事先預約訂位,有時會有免費的特惠,在網路印製one drink servise,可以附送柳橙汁、烏龍茶、一口生啤酒、杯酒等,只不過臨時起意的我們有筆電卻沒印表機,不能享受這項服務。



由於當晚是我四年多來海外之旅的第一夜,兩人分別點了一杯餐前酒,彼此舉杯祝福。百年修得同船共渡,茫茫人海得以投緣相知,這樣的情份需要心懷感恩,雖然只有兩人舉杯,話也不多,不過「這一刻(The moment)」的感覺,就是一種幸福。檸檬口味的Sawa,是我生平首次體會到微醺輕飄飄滋味的薄酒。與酒一起送上來的前菜,是由某種海菜調配而成,冰冰涼涼,有種淡薄的酸,入口清爽,真的很開胃。

首先送來的是 檸檬Sawa 及 可口的海菜開胃前菜



兩種醬料 兩種美味












休假:            年中無休

備註:   網路可事先預約定位,偶有免費特惠—網路印製one drink servise



十六蚊歎菠蘿油 – MX 美心快餐 (by Lincoln)

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Yesterday Maggie and I went to Maxim’s Fast Food for an afternoon high tea and found that they had a new offering: for HK$16 you can get a real crispy Pine Apple Bun with a big big butter inside (菠蘿油), plus a HK Tea with milk (港式奶茶). I could only finish half of the butter, both the bread and butter tasted OK to me. To spend HK$16 for such a return to me is worth the money.

This is a Test – Fu Lam Mum 富臨門

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

We had dinner at Fu Lam Mum 富臨門 in Mountain View today. Since I have reported on this restaurant before, I won’t say anything about the food this time. At this dinner, I was taking picture of the dishes with a different camera.

I greatly appreciate your feedback. Please let me know whether you thinks these pictures are better, worse, or the same as before.

Fu Lam Mum 富臨門
153 Castro St
Mountain View, CA 94041
Tel: (650)967-1689