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Old Port Lobster Shack

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

The Food Lover surfed the web for new ideas on good food and came across Old Port Lobster Shack in Redwood City. According to the restaurant’s website, its owner was a lobster exporter in Boston and is flying in fresh lobsters from New England several times each week.

I ordered New England Clam Chowder and the famous Maine Lobster Roll. Ordering these two items in a Combo, I saved US$1.75. The chowder was creamy with strong potato flavor and plenty of clams. The lobster roll must have all the meat of a small lobster. The lobster with mayo and green onions was really fresh and delicious. I liked the attention they paid to the bread too. This “bun” was sliced in the middle and slightly toasted on both sides. Mrs. wasn’t too impressed with her grilled salmon though; the salmon was soft but didn’t have much flavor.

I will likely come back again to try their US$22.75 Steamed Maine Lobstah Dinner which includes a 1¼lb lobster. If you came from the east and miss New England style food, you may want to give this place a try.

Old Port Lobster Shack
851 Veterans Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel: +1-650-366-2400

Wedding Banquet Specialist – 煌府 at The One

Monday, August 30th, 2010

A few weeks ago the Food Lover took a day-trip from Macau to Hong Kong and had dim sum lunch with several old friends. Based on recommendation of Mrs. Chan who is better known as 「油尖旺地膽」, we met at the branch of 煌府婚宴專門店 (Wedding Banquet Specialist) in THE ONE, a new shopping complex in Tsim Sha Tsui. 煌府 has eight branches all over Hong Kong and this is the newest and probably the most extravagant one. From the window, we had a full view of the harbour and good part of Kowloon.

Presentation of the dim sum was very nice and taste was good too. Prices were slightly higher than in similar places; we were paying for the spacious environment and great view.

香港九龍尖沙咀彌敦道100號The ONE 13樓
電話: (852)2180 6178

More Restaurants in Macau to Forget

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Here are more restaurants you want to avoid in Macau


After a day-trip to Hong Kong, I didn’t want to go too far looking for good food. Walking along Rua de Pequim (北京街), I saw 滋味滿屋 at the corner of 北京街 and 上海街 and stopped to examine the menu. At that time an elderly woman from another restaurant a couple shops down the street came over to tell me and a few other bystanders that the her restaurant was also 滋味滿屋 and was cheaper. I took the bait.

This restaurant was not exactly 滋味滿屋, it was 滋味中國菜. I took a look at the menu and was immediately attracted by a set dinner that included Shark Fin Soup, Stir-fried abalone, and Bacalhau Fried Rice for only MOP 118.

Before blaming me for killing lovely sharks, take a look at the picture below and you will realize that no shark will be at risk even if I have this soup everyday for the next ten year. Abalones would also be safe the way they prepared this dish. To be fair, there were indeed a few tiny pieces of bacalhau in the fried rice.

I believed strangers too easily.



It was hot (30C+) again so I took an early walk to see the city. After taking some pictures at Largo de Santo Agostinho 岡頂, I walked back down along Calcada do Tronco Velho 東方斜巷 and saw some people waiting for a congee shop to open. It was a few minutes before 7:30am. Naturally, I waited with the others and entered this air-conditioned restaurant as soon as it openned.

Ordered my regular breakfast: plain congee, rice noodle rolls and fried dough. I was so disappointed with the plain congee that I didn’t really care how the rice noodle rolls and fried dough tasted. The congee was powdery – instead of cooking the rice into congee, they apparently used a blender to cut the rice into small pieces before cooking in order to save time. They cheated. This was also my most expensive bowl of plain congee in Macau.

I was later told that Sheng Kei had several branches and the main shop was actually good. If that was true, avoid this branch number two.


Square Eight 食八方

Lincoln, Maggie and I were going to have lunch in Taipa 氹仔 but the bridge was closed due to car accident on the other side. We went to MGM Macau 澳門美高梅 instead. We found the coffee shop, Square 8 (食八方) and sat down at a booth table.

Since we were in Macau, we might as well order some Macau specialties. We had baked pork chop with rice, sauteed ground beef with rice and braised ox-tailed with spaghetti.

I don’t want to bore you with details, the only thing in this place that was acceptable was my Blue Girl Beer. Don’t go there.

Square 8 食八方
電話:(853)8802 2389

Upscale Yum Cha – Wing Lei 永利軒

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

On this last day of my trip to Macau, I had dim sum lunch with the brothers at Wing Lei Restaurant 永利軒 in Wynn Macau. From the pictures below, you can see that this place is as luxurious as any other flagship restaurant of top casino hotels.

The dim sum was not ordinary. While we did not have any of the fusion stuff, the chef was creative enough to add a little of something to each of the traditional dishes.

Be sure to call ahead to reserve a table before going. This restaurant is fully booked most of the time.


Wing Lei Restaurant & Lounge 永利軒
電話: (853)8986 3663

Sashimi Dinner – Yorohachi 譽路八

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Had good lunch experience at Yorohachi 譽路八 a few days ago, I went there again for dinner today. This time I sat at the sushi bar to try the various raw fish.

I started with a small bottle of cold 真澄辛口 and some Hamachi, Akagai and Ama-ebi. The Hamachi was fresh and the Akagai crunchy. My only disappointment was the Ama-ebi that had a little bit of “ice taste” (雪味).

The chef recommended Kajiki (swordfish) which was not bad but its texture was little tough for my liking. Maguro was fresh and rich. I was surprised to see a small non-Japanese shop to have properly prepared Otoro; the portion was too small though.

I was almost full and ordered a pot of Oden with a bowl of rice. While I was enjoy this Oden, I saw the chef taking a few huge oysters out of the tank next to me. The chef told me that they were the famous Iwate Oysters (岩手蠔). I couldn’t resist the temptation and asked for one. It was huge. Maybe I was too full to enjoy it at that time, I found it pretty tasteless.

Again, you can have a decent sushi/sashimi meal here without breaking the bank.

Yorohachi Japanese Restaurant 譽路八日本料理
電話: (853)2872 8828

Family Style Restaurant – Café Flor Bela 雅麗娜葡式茶餐廳

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

I visited the Temple of Kun Iam (觀音堂) last Thursday and noticed a small Portuguese restaurant nearby; there were half a dozen news clippings on the window indicating that it was a well known “family style Portuguese restaurant”. I couldn’t try it then because it doesn’t open on Thursdays.

Today I got there at 1pm and was the first customer. There were four small table on the ground floor; I sat down at the one next to the refrigerator. A middle-age Portuguese woman who looked like the owner handed me the menu and asked what I wanted in Cantonese. I asked her what was good and she recommended clams with fish fillet which happened to be one of the two choices in the set lunch of the day (mop 35). I took her recommendation and added a glass of house white wine (mop 20).

This “owner” gave me a plate with a fork and spoon on it. She then sat down at another table. I thought she forgot about my wine and reminded her of that; she told me somebody else would bring me the wine. Nothing happened for five minutes and she went upstairs. When she returned in a couple of minutes with a plate of food in her hand, I thought she made a mistake – instead of clams and fish fillet, that was spaghetti with pork. Before I had a chance to tell her of the mistake, she sat down at the other table and started eating. I was the one who was wrong – that was HER food, not mine.

At that time, a younger woman came in and started working. She got me a bowl of soup included in the set lunch. I knew she was not Portuguese when the “owner” started speaking to her in English. She also went upstairs quickly and brought me my wine and clam and fish fillet.

While I was happily enjoying my lunch, a young man came in, sat down at another table and started chatting with the “owner” about food, family, job and life. Then a young lady came to join him. The “owner” knew her too. This kind of interaction was what “family style” was all about.

My clam dish was actually pretty tasty even though the portion was kind of small. Well, you couldn’t complain much about a mop-35 set lunch.

There was one big hole in this “family style” fiction though. When was the last time you saw the “mom” of a family eating by herself while the kids waiting with empty stomachs?

Café Flor Bela 雅麗娜葡式茶餐廳
電話: (853)2853 5239

Another Good Portuguese Restaurant – Restaurante Vinha 葡萄園餐廳

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

I had passed by Vinha 葡萄園 so many times and only had a chance to try it today. When I arrived at 1:30pm, the place was still pretty full. Fortunately, a party by the window just left and two waitresses were quick to set up the table for me.

Decoration of this restaurant is nice with a lot of space between tables. Like most restaurants in the business district, Vinha has a variety of set lunches. I picked the one with fried rice (mop 76) and a glass of house white wine.

The Ox-Tail soup had rich flavor but not too salty. The Fried Rice with Norwegian Salmon Crab Eggs & XO Sauce was nicely prepared. I never knew salmon could work so well with crab eggs before.

Will come back fo dinner to try its famous Roast Pork Fried Rice next time.

Restaurante Vinha 葡萄園餐廳
電話: (853) 2875 2599

Hotpot Dinner with The God – 內港灣火鍋美食

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Got a call from 豐哥 “Brother Feng”, nicknamed “Jiangmen God of Cookery” (江門食神), asking whether I wanted to join him for dinner. Of course, I always had nothing but good food with The God. Franky came to pick me up and then picked up 豐哥 on the way to 內港灣火鍋美食, a hotpot restaurant specialized in seafood. Both Franky and 豐哥 knew the owner very well and were sure they would only serve us the best. There were two other guests from Jiangmen.

We started with two types of beef. Local beef, actually beef from the mainland, was lean and had strong flavor of fresh beef (牛有牛味). Angus beef was imported with plenty of fat giving that smooth sensation (香滑).

Unlike other types of fish I had that became soft after cooking in hotpot, the Tiger Grouper (老虎班) was crunchy (有”趙”頭). The God asked the restaurant to steam the bone, head and tail of the fish to make another delicious dish.

In addition to hotpot, we had two fried dishes to round up the full meal. Oh, we forgot to have any rice.

What did we drink? Two bottles of single malt Scotch. Since Franky and the other two had to drive and did not drink too much, The God basically finished a bottle by himself. He had good reason to drink too – his son just graduated from university in Canada and brought back a beautiful and smart Mexican girlfriend. He was so happy that he showed us how to somersault down the staircase.

電話: (853)2871 3813

Japanese Lunch at Reasonable Price – Yorohachi 譽路八

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Haven’t had too much luck with Japanese restaurants in Macau lately, I decided to try Yorohachi 譽路八 near the hotel. It was already 1:30pm so the place was not very full. At this time of the day, most tables were occupied by one or two people and interestingly among the ten customers I was the only male.

The mop-78 sashimi set lunch – raw fish, double steamed egg, fruit salad, miso soup and rice – looked reasonable; I ordered that with a small bottle of cold sake. As shown in the picture below, the fish was fresh and properly prepared.

Good food and friendly service. I would definitely come back again. It was a hundred times better than the overpriced Edo in Hotel Lisboa.

Yorohachi Japanese Restaurant 譽路八日本料理
電話: (853)2872 8828

Family Style Dinner – 九記

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Lincoln and Maggie wouldn’t leave Macau until late in the evening and was spending the last few hours here splitting wealth with Dr. Ho at the Casino Oceanus 海立方娛樂場 near the ferry terminal. Not wanting to take up too much of their valuable time, I had dinner with them at Kau Kei 九記 also near the ferry terminal.

At Kau Kei, You may have expensive dinner such as shark fin soup, abalone, bird’s next and seafood. We decided to have a simple family style meal of soup, chicken, vegetable and fried egg. The food was pretty good and service swift and friendly. Next time when you want to have a quick dinner before leaving Macau, Kau Kei is a good place to consider. Be sure to get there early though. We didn’t have problem finding a table at 6:30pm but the place was filled up quickly around 7pm on this Sunday.

電話: (853)2875 0239