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Juicy Pork Chop – 新東海美食

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Pork Chop Bun has always been a signature snack of Macau. On this day before the FoodLover was going to return to the U.S., Vincent took him to taste the famous Pork Chop Sandwich at San Tong Hoi 新東海美食.

While the bread was understandably a little soggy after absorbing the sauce, the pork chop itself was super juicy and delicious. The size was right too – just enough as a light breakfast.

Milk tea in Macau usually is too light (淡) for the FoodLover’s taste buds. Not this one. This cup of milk tea at San Tong Hoi had strong and fragrant tea aroma that was perfect for waking up this sleepy soul.

This restaurant in Porto Exterior 新口岸 is highly recommended for snacks or light meals.

電話: +853-2872-2862

Morning Congee in Tsimshatsui – Hung Lee 洪利粥店茶餐廳

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

It was breakfast time again. Peter the Japanese showed the FoodLover where to find a decent bowl of congee in Tsumshatsui. After making a few turns from Nathan Road, they ended up in Hung Lee 洪利粥店, a Hong Kong style cafe specializing in traditional Cantonese congee.

The restaurant was still pretty quiet at 7am but the FoodLover was excited to see a large wok full of boiling oil at the cooking counter near the front entrance. Somebody was preparing “Fried Devils” (油炸鬼) and the FoodLover’s favorite “Ox-tongue Fried Dough” (牛酥).

The congee base was very smooth (綿) and Boat Congee had all the necessary ingredients. They had to wait for the Ox-tongue fried dough because a lady came in to order half a dozen before they did. They had milk tea after the congee. The FoodLover then went back to pack up for his trip to Macau.

This is a very good place to have breakfast if you know your way around Tsimshatsui.

Hung Lee Restaurant 洪利粥店茶餐廳
2A Hou Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong 香港九龍尖沙咀厚福街2號A
Tel: +852-2721-6606

Temple Street Delicacy – Free Go Yummy House 肥高美食

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Chan were so kind to invite the FoodLover to dinner after attending the birthday party for two Rev. Brothers at SFXC.

Free Go Yummy House 肥高美食 is a small restaurant at the quiet end of Temple Street near Jordan Road. Its specialties are traditional home-style Cantonese dishes 廣東小炒.

We ordered a few simple dishes and the FoodLover liked all the them. One could feel the 鑊氣 just by looking at the pictures below. They were small dishes right out of the kitchen within a few steps and were still steaming when served.

All in all, this is a very good family owned restaurant with Fat Ko (肥高) and his wife taking orders and serving dishes. The chef is their relative too, so quality can be guaranteed. If you want to have dinner at Temple Street, this is a much better choice than those crowded eateries a couple of blocks down the street. Do call ahead to reserve a table.

This was the FoodLover’s first time drinking beer out of a bowl (“The Fighting Bowl”) rather than a glass or mug. You naturally feel 豪氣 drinking beer this way and everybody will drink more.

Free Go Yummy House 肥高美食
G/F, 228 Temple Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Kong Kong 香港九龍廟街228號地舖
Tel: +852-2721-1268

The birthday party was held on 3rd floor of SFXC which was usually closed to visitors including students. This was the first time the FoodLover went through those locked doors.

Birthday party for Bros. Bosco and Maurice.

We took a short walk along Temple Street after dinner.

Young ladies soliciting potential customers.

Section of Temple Street with outdoor dining.

Simple Food in Shanghai

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

The FoodLover had just spent a week in Shanghai. Haven’t eaten anything fancy, just simple and enjoyable meals. Here are pictures of some of the dishes.

Suzhou Style Noodle – 任氏蘇州麵菜館

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

It was Sunday. The FoodLover went out to walk around the old section of Shanghai along Suzhou River (蘇州河).

He wasn’t too hungry at lunch time and wanted something simple. This little noodle shop across the street from the hotel looked decent so he gave it a try. He ordered Pork and Fish Noodle (燜肉爆魚麵) and Preserved Egg (醬蛋). The pork was tasty with 70% lean meat and 30% fat. Deep-fried fish was a little soggy and not very fresh. The FoodLover couldn’t tell the difference between Shanghai Style Noodle and Suzhou Style Noodle; texture of this noodle was good. Not a bad lunch for less than US$3.

The Preserved Egg never arrived. Service was very slow. This shop was obviously short staffed.

電話﹕ +86-21-5119-7388

In the morning, the FoodLover took a walk in the neighborhood and found a peaceful Suzhou River.

Quiet Sunday morning.

From Zhejiang Lu Bridge with Oriental Pearl Tower in the background.

The FoodLover then went back to Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street.

Lucky guy.

Not as lucky.

She seemed to be annoyed by the smoking.

They had a tough decision to make.

Farm Cuisine 農家菜 – 龍井阿巧茶莊

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

As in previous years, the FoodLover took a day-trip from Shanghai to Hangzhou to purchase fresh Longjing tea (新茶). After getting his tea, the FoodLover could not leave the tea farmer’s driveway because the road was blocked by a long line of cars. The tea farmer, Ah Qiao (阿巧) was very kind to ask them to stay for lunch and served this braised fish – a Hangzhou specialty. The other few dishes of vegetable and meat were no bad; this fish was great. It was fresh and had this light sweet taste typical of Zhejiang dishes.

The road was clear after lunch.

電話﹕ +86-571-8798-2583

Tea plants.

Longjing tea.

Sampling tea of various quality.

Ah Qiao the owner of this tea farm is 65 years old and looks much younger than that, especially for a “farmer” . She manages the tea business with her daughter and daughter-in-law. The three ladies have done very well over the years. This was only a small shack when the FoodLover first came 12 years ago. There are tables in front of the house for visitors to taste tea and have meals. Many visitors from the city go there to have lunch and spend all day playing cards. Charge for meal is about RMB100 per person. Longjing tea there is RMB30-50 per person.

Ah Qiao and her house.

Ah Qiao's daughter.

Ah Qiao's daughter-in-law - a Zhejiang University graduate.

Kaiseki for Lunch only? Xenri No Tsuki 千里名月

Friday, April 6th, 2012

After shooting some video and pictures at Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, the FoodLover wandered along Nanjing Road looking for dinner idea. There was a sign in front of Ciro’s Plaza (仙樂斯廣場) advertising the special Kaiseki lunch offered by Xenri No Tsuki 千里名月. That sounded good to the FoodLover as he had not tried Kaiseki (懷石料理) in Shanghai yet.

The dining room was elegantly decorated and was quiet because there were only a couple of parties at 7:30pm in this business district. To the FoodLover’s surprise, the waitress said that they only served Kaiseki at lunch time, not for dinner. That was strange as Kaiseki by definition was a multi-course traditional Japanese dinner. That was indication that this restaurant was not Japanese operated.

The FoodLover ordered an over-priced Sashimi combination that looked good. The chef had spent a lot time putting the pieces together in a good-looking presentation. The only problem was that it tasted BAD. Service in this place was even worse than the food. After finishing whatever was served, nobody came to clear the table even though two waitresses were chatting up front and a waiter was meditating nearby. The FoodLover ran out of patience and stood up to leave hoping that nobody would stop him. No such luck. The waiter came by to ask what he could do. When the FoodLover asked why nobody was paying an attention to his table, he heard the most ridiculous reply imaginable. The waiter said that they were short-staffed. The FoodLover wondered how many servers would be needed to take care of the only one customer in the restaurant at that time. Three were obviously not enough according to this waiter.

Even if you find yourself standing at the intersection of West Nanjing Road and North Huangpi Road and really have a craving for Japanese food, avoid this miserable 謀人寺.

Xenri No Tsuki New Kaiseki Cuisine 千里名月
Units 309-311, 388 Nanjing Road West, Ciro’s Plaza, Shanghai, China 20003
Tel: +86-21-3331-7213

What pictures did the FoodLover take before this disappointing dinner. Here they are.

Everybody had camera in hand.

Saxophonist on balcony.


More sharing.

She needed help.

Interesting "belt".

The correct way to carry your bags in crowded place - in front.

Old Shanghai

Friday, April 6th, 2012

The FoodLover was walking along Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street 南京路步行街 looking for good place for dinner and found a crowd gathering in front of Wing On Department Store 永安百貨. There was a gentleman playing saxophone on the balcony while couples, mostly elderly, were dancing to the tunes of oldies. The party became increasing lively as more and more passers-by stopped to join the fun.

In case you are in Shanghai and don’t know where to kill an hour or so before dinner, this is the place. The music does stop at 6pm.

What does this have to do with “FOOD”? Of course, didn’t I say that I saw this before DINNER?

Rice Noodle Roll Specialty Shop 腸粉專門店 – 彪記

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

The FoodLover was out looking for a good place to have breakfast again early in the morning and was glad to see the light in this little congee and noodle shop near the casinos. He was the first customer at 彪記 at 7am.

The place was clean; seating was comfortable and service was adequate. Its specialty – rice noodle rolls – was smooth (爽滑) and the congee was tasty. The problem was that food of similar quality could be had nearby at half the price. So customers were paying for the nice environment.

Would the FoodLover come here again? Of course. The more comfortable seating comparing to food stalls and other small congee shops could easily justify the price if that’s what you wanted on that particular day.

南灣分店﹕ 澳門南灣約翰四世大馬路19號地下A舖(中華廣場對面)
電話﹕ +853-2828-2261

Then the FoodLover walked around town and found some interesting people.

She Ain't heavy, she's my lover.

Time to have her hair dyed again.

Serious photographer.

Macau in the Morning

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

That was the FoodLover’s first morning in Macau on this trip. As usual he got up early (3 o’clock) because of jetlag. As soon as the first beam of light broke through the sky, he took a walk to Senado Square looking for food. A big sign of pork-chop bun got his attention and he promptly walked into Gold Chariot 金馬輪咖啡餅店 and ordered the pork-chop bun 豬扒包 with a cup of milk tea 奶茶. The milk tea was OK but nothing special. The pork-chop bun looked good but pretty dry inside. Not completely satisfied, the FoodLover walked over to time proven Bo Kei 保記 and got his fix of rice noodle rolls and good old plain congee.

Having been out of work for almost a decade, the FoodLover was eager to generate some income. One idea was to become a Paparazzi (狗仔隊). He took his camera and practiced shooting fast moving objects for an hour.

She saw something interesting.

Wake up! The cigarette will be burning your fingers soon.

Whoever she was waiting for better be careful.

Is it fashionable to have boots so much wider than the legs?

Is the red mark on her neck evidence of domestic violence or simply the result of cupping (拔火罐).

Too bad he could not write on both phones at the same time.

Her facial expression showed that she wasn't too happy with that big fat "cocktail Bun" (雞尾包) in her hand.

Hello! I am right next to the "Water Fountain". Come over.