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Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳 (by Wallace)

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Wallace ran into Arthur coincidentally in Prince Edward and we went to Kam Wah Cafe for a quick afternoon tea meal. Kam Wah is all time packed with customers. We both ordered the “today special” which included:

Two pieces of deep fried chicken wing
One freshly baked egg tart
Milk tea (hot or cold).

Typical Hong Kong style tea time snacks and make our stomach so satisfied. These are the items hardly found in San Francisco! The meal costed only HK$22 (US$3).

20121231 Kam Wah A20121231 Kam Wah B20121231 Kam Wah C20121231 Kam Wah D

Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳
電話: +852-2392-6830

Chau’s Garden 庭苑酒家中出會所 (by Wallace)

Friday, December 28th, 2012

20121228 Chau_s Garden ADuring a short 5 days trip in Hong Kong last week, Wallace met his golf friends for a special dinner in the Chau’s Garden 庭苑酒家中出會所. This small semi-private restaurant is hidden on the 8/F of a commercial building in Shueng Wan next to the Wing On Department Store.  For members only, but outsiders can still call for reservation if table is available.

This dinner was hosted by Arthur Liu (Wallace’s golf buddy) who pre-ordered the dishes as following:

1. Pan-fried ox tongue
2. Snake soup
3. Baked crab shell
4. Steamed “ocean tiger” rock fish
5. Salt and pepper giant grouper fish skin
6. Stuffed and steamed chicken
7. Deep fried chicken
8. Bean sprout leaves soaked by broth
9. Lamb stew in hot pot (specially added)
10. Stir fried sticky rice
Dessert: Tian Shan Snow Lotus

The ox tongue was a great starter to go with our bottles of red wine.  Snake soup was very well done and fit in the cold weather in Hong Kong on December 28, 2012.  While enjoying the first two items, I forgot to let my iPhone “eat” first.  So no photos for them.

Each crab shell (one for each guest; nine of us) was filled with the whole crab’s meat.  Tasteful and tender…..

The steamed rock fish was super delicious!  A total showcase of the chef’s cutting technique to make the whole fish boneless.  The grouper skin was perfect for the wine….

The rest of the meal was delicious and specially cooked.  You may wonder why in a meal we ordered two chicken dishes.  The stuffed and steamed chicken is another dish for the chef to show off his knife skills!  Boneless chicken was stuffed with prawn paste and steammed.  Both presentation and taste were A+.  The deep fried chicken (another signature dish) was the BEST I ever had!

The vegetable was nicely done.  Timing of cooking was about right.  Simple dish but showing high-graded cooking sensation.  The lamb stew in hot pot was fantastic.

Overall this is a highly recommended place that you may want to try in Hong Kong.  Casual and yummy!  At end of the meal, Chef Chau came to our private dinning room and greeted every one of us.

20121228 Chau_s Garden B20121228 Chau_s Garden C20121228 Chau_s Garden D20121228 Chau_s Garden E20121228 Chau_s Garden F20121228 Chau_s Garden G

Chau’s Garden 庭苑酒家中出會所
電話: +852-2805-2393

More Good Food in Macau

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

After all those feasts in Hong Kong, the FoodLover had more good food in Macau.

20121130 Pao Ma Di20121130 Pou Kim20121130 Flatfish20121201 Hua Feng20121201 Wai Kee A20121130 Sun Kee A20121202 Feng Da A20121201 Red Moon House20121202 Henri A20121202 Yi Shun20121202 Rose Garden