Overrated Restaurant – Koi Palace 鯉魚門(都柏林)

FoodLover and friends finished a round of golf at the beautiful Couse at Wente Vineyards in Livermore just in time to have dinner at the nearby Koi Palace 鯉魚門 in Dublin. This Koe Palace is a branch of the famous Cantonese restaurant in Daly City. I had dined at the one in Daly City but never liked it; service there was terrible. The waiters seemed to only provide service to their regular big-spending customers. They could afford to turn away new customers because somehow it was alleged to have superior food.

Service at this one in Dublin was much better; my fellow golfer Francis knew the captain there. The dishes looked good but taste was only mediocre. This restaurant certainly does not deserve the reputation; I can easily think of at least half a dozen better and probably cheaper restaurants in the Bay area.

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Koi Palace
Dublin Ulferts Center, 4288 Dublin Blvd, Suite 213, Dublin, CA 94568
Tel: +1-925-833-9090

The Course at Wente Vineyards

The Course at Wente Vineyards

2 Responses to “Overrated Restaurant – Koi Palace 鯉魚門(都柏林)”

  1. Francis Wong Says:

    Peter, you are absolutely correct!

    The Golf course at Wente is beautiful! We should play another round there this year.


  2. FoodLover Says:

    Yes, we should plan for another round there when it cools down a little in September.

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