San Tou Tou 新陶陶酒家

Peter, the Japanese, was so kind to come over to see me in Macau. After having dim sum at the nostalgic Long Wa Tea House 龍華茶樓, we leisurely walked back to the hotel through the residential district. Vincent had already booked a table at San Tou Tou 新陶陶酒家 in Taipa 氹仔 for lunch. He came to picked us up a little after 12:30pm.

This old style Cantonese restaurant has a history of 80+ years and serves traditional Cantonese dishes. The owner is a friendly elderly lady who took over operation after her husband passed away some twenty years ago.

Vincent had been a regular customer here since he was kid and knew exactly what to order. While rich mainlanders around us were ordering expensive dishes such as shark’s fin soup to broadcast their newly acquired wealth, we had fish soup of the season 芫茜豆腐皮蛋烏頭湯 and a sea eel cooked both ways – steamed and braised. For starter, Vincent asked the waiter to send somebody to purchase an order of Roast Pork & Soy Sauce Chicken Combo at the nearby Tai Tong 大東飯店.

As usual, the roast pork was crispy and soft 鬆化 and the tender chicken perfect flavored. The soup was 清甜 and refreshing.

Steamed eel was 爽脆 and bitter melon in the braised version was good to go with rice.

This is another one of those “don’t miss” restaurant you should try at least once in a lifetime. Do call ahead to reserve a table.

San Tou Tou 新陶陶酒家
Rua Correia da Silva No.26, Vila de Taipa, Macau
電話: +853-2882-7065

3 Responses to “San Tou Tou 新陶陶酒家”

  1. Laurita Says:

    We ventured to Cooking PAPA for lunch today (it’s Sunday here) as my better half had a great urge for porridge. Got there at about 1:50pm, thinking that we should be able to get a table right away……. WRONG! We were 8th in line for a table for two. 15 mins. later we got to sit down at our table – not too bad. The pay off for the wait was that the 燒肉was exceptionally good this time. We ordered a total of 6 dishes and at the end of the meal our waiter offered Albert a cup of 奶茶 on the house. We may take Chris & his girlfriend there this coming Tuesday. They will love the 沙翁.

  2. Jenny Says:

    大東 never fails when it comes to roast pork. I will tell my nephew in Macau about 新陶陶.

  3. Mrs. Foodlover Says:

    I thought the food at Cooking PaPa was pretty bland last time we were there. Does anybody else have good experience recently? Maybe we will try it again next time when Mr. Foodlover has the urge to have porridge.

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