Simple Breakfast in Macau

Peter had to take the 11am ferry back to Hong Kong; we went out early to have tea and dim sum. When we arrived Tou Tou Kui 陶陶居 at 7:30am, we were disappointed to find out that this restaurant would not open until 9am. We decided to have something light while waiting for it to open and walked along Rua da Felicidade 福隆新街 to Bo Kei 保記, my favorite shop for rice noodle rolls. The plain congee and rice noodle rolls were as good as ever. I noticed that the price for this combination was MOP12; it was MOP10 only a year ago.

We walked around Senado Square 議事亭前地 for a while and went to McDonald’s for a cup of coffee (MOP11 – used to be MOP10 a few months ago). In case you are wandering around this area and need to use the facilities, McDonad’s is a good place to go.

We went back to Tou Tou Kui only to find a long line waiting at 9:30am. Peter didn’t have to time to wait, so we hopped over to Ka Wai Tea House 嘉華茶居 on 十月初五街. Peter saw somebody at the next table enjoying a dish of fried noodle. He wanted the same. That happened to be Fried Noodle with Bean Sprout 芽菜炒麵. The picture below shows how he liked it.

In city center of Macau, you can easily kill a couple of hours, eat some good food without breaking the bank.

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  1. Mrs. Foodlover Says:

    Is there any relationship between 陶陶居 and 新陶陶酒家? Or is it just coincidence?

  2. FoodLover Says:

    No relationship. They are both old restaurants. 陶陶居is much bigger.

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