Delicious Garoupa Fin – North Garden 北園酒家

The FoodLover was feeling better and took a day-trip from Macau to Hong Kong. Janet was very kind to invite him and Ah Sai to lunch at North Garden Restaurant 北園酒家.

Janet ordered much more food than we could finish; the most impressive were Crispy Salty Chicken 脆皮鹽香雞 and Braised Garoupa Fin 生炆班翅. Before ordering, Janet asked whether I liked to have Soy Sauce Chicken or Crispy Salty Chicken. Since I just had some very good Soy Sauce Chicken in Macau, I opted for the crispy version and I was glad I did. The chicken was tender with fragrant aroma of salt and chicken 雞有雞味. The garoupa fin was still sizzling in the stone pot when served and flavor of the ingredients went inside the fish thoroughly (入味). Ah Sai and I couldn’t stop eating everything in the pot before we realized that Janet only had a small piece.

This popular restaurant is always full at lunch time. Make sure you book a table in advance.

Northern Garden Restaurant 北園酒家
1-3/F Hung Kei Mansion 5-8 Queen Victoria street, Central, Hong Kong
電話: +852-2526-3163

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  1. Tina Lee Says:

    any more dishes to order? Simon and I need to take my friend out for dinner.

  2. FoodLover Says:

    I don’t know about other dishes. These two are “must-haves”.

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