Macau in the Morning

That was the FoodLover’s first morning in Macau on this trip. As usual he got up early (3 o’clock) because of jetlag. As soon as the first beam of light broke through the sky, he took a walk to Senado Square looking for food. A big sign of pork-chop bun got his attention and he promptly walked into Gold Chariot 金馬輪咖啡餅店 and ordered the pork-chop bun 豬扒包 with a cup of milk tea 奶茶. The milk tea was OK but nothing special. The pork-chop bun looked good but pretty dry inside. Not completely satisfied, the FoodLover walked over to time proven Bo Kei 保記 and got his fix of rice noodle rolls and good old plain congee.

Having been out of work for almost a decade, the FoodLover was eager to generate some income. One idea was to become a Paparazzi (狗仔隊). He took his camera and practiced shooting fast moving objects for an hour.

She saw something interesting.

Wake up! The cigarette will be burning your fingers soon.

Whoever she was waiting for better be careful.

Is it fashionable to have boots so much wider than the legs?

Is the red mark on her neck evidence of domestic violence or simply the result of cupping (拔火罐).

Too bad he could not write on both phones at the same time.

Her facial expression showed that she wasn't too happy with that big fat "cocktail Bun" (雞尾包) in her hand.

Hello! I am right next to the "Water Fountain". Come over.

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  1. John Ma Says:

    Well, well, well.
    the photos are real delicacy (catching the spot of life)
    you are really in for the search of that
    ha ha

    Ma Tsai

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