Rice Noodle Roll Specialty Shop 腸粉專門店 – 彪記

The FoodLover was out looking for a good place to have breakfast again early in the morning and was glad to see the light in this little congee and noodle shop near the casinos. He was the first customer at 彪記 at 7am.

The place was clean; seating was comfortable and service was adequate. Its specialty – rice noodle rolls – was smooth (爽滑) and the congee was tasty. The problem was that food of similar quality could be had nearby at half the price. So customers were paying for the nice environment.

Would the FoodLover come here again? Of course. The more comfortable seating comparing to food stalls and other small congee shops could easily justify the price if that’s what you wanted on that particular day.

南灣分店﹕ 澳門南灣約翰四世大馬路19號地下A舖(中華廣場對面)
電話﹕ +853-2828-2261

Then the FoodLover walked around town and found some interesting people.

She Ain't heavy, she's my lover.

Time to have her hair dyed again.

Serious photographer.

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