Kaiseki for Lunch only? Xenri No Tsuki 千里名月

After shooting some video and pictures at Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, the FoodLover wandered along Nanjing Road looking for dinner idea. There was a sign in front of Ciro’s Plaza (仙樂斯廣場) advertising the special Kaiseki lunch offered by Xenri No Tsuki 千里名月. That sounded good to the FoodLover as he had not tried Kaiseki (懷石料理) in Shanghai yet.

The dining room was elegantly decorated and was quiet because there were only a couple of parties at 7:30pm in this business district. To the FoodLover’s surprise, the waitress said that they only served Kaiseki at lunch time, not for dinner. That was strange as Kaiseki by definition was a multi-course traditional Japanese dinner. That was indication that this restaurant was not Japanese operated.

The FoodLover ordered an over-priced Sashimi combination that looked good. The chef had spent a lot time putting the pieces together in a good-looking presentation. The only problem was that it tasted BAD. Service in this place was even worse than the food. After finishing whatever was served, nobody came to clear the table even though two waitresses were chatting up front and a waiter was meditating nearby. The FoodLover ran out of patience and stood up to leave hoping that nobody would stop him. No such luck. The waiter came by to ask what he could do. When the FoodLover asked why nobody was paying an attention to his table, he heard the most ridiculous reply imaginable. The waiter said that they were short-staffed. The FoodLover wondered how many servers would be needed to take care of the only one customer in the restaurant at that time. Three were obviously not enough according to this waiter.

Even if you find yourself standing at the intersection of West Nanjing Road and North Huangpi Road and really have a craving for Japanese food, avoid this miserable 謀人寺.

Xenri No Tsuki New Kaiseki Cuisine 千里名月
Units 309-311, 388 Nanjing Road West, Ciro’s Plaza, Shanghai, China 20003
Tel: +86-21-3331-7213

What pictures did the FoodLover take before this disappointing dinner. Here they are.

Everybody had camera in hand.

Saxophonist on balcony.


More sharing.

She needed help.

Interesting "belt".

The correct way to carry your bags in crowded place - in front.

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