Suzhou Style Noodle – 任氏蘇州麵菜館

It was Sunday. The FoodLover went out to walk around the old section of Shanghai along Suzhou River (蘇州河).

He wasn’t too hungry at lunch time and wanted something simple. This little noodle shop across the street from the hotel looked decent so he gave it a try. He ordered Pork and Fish Noodle (燜肉爆魚麵) and Preserved Egg (醬蛋). The pork was tasty with 70% lean meat and 30% fat. Deep-fried fish was a little soggy and not very fresh. The FoodLover couldn’t tell the difference between Shanghai Style Noodle and Suzhou Style Noodle; texture of this noodle was good. Not a bad lunch for less than US$3.

The Preserved Egg never arrived. Service was very slow. This shop was obviously short staffed.

電話﹕ +86-21-5119-7388

In the morning, the FoodLover took a walk in the neighborhood and found a peaceful Suzhou River.

Quiet Sunday morning.

From Zhejiang Lu Bridge with Oriental Pearl Tower in the background.

The FoodLover then went back to Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street.

Lucky guy.

Not as lucky.

She seemed to be annoyed by the smoking.

They had a tough decision to make.

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