Morning Congee in Tsimshatsui – Hung Lee 洪利粥店茶餐廳

It was breakfast time again. Peter the Japanese showed the FoodLover where to find a decent bowl of congee in Tsumshatsui. After making a few turns from Nathan Road, they ended up in Hung Lee 洪利粥店, a Hong Kong style cafe specializing in traditional Cantonese congee.

The restaurant was still pretty quiet at 7am but the FoodLover was excited to see a large wok full of boiling oil at the cooking counter near the front entrance. Somebody was preparing “Fried Devils” (油炸鬼) and the FoodLover’s favorite “Ox-tongue Fried Dough” (牛酥).

The congee base was very smooth (綿) and Boat Congee had all the necessary ingredients. They had to wait for the Ox-tongue fried dough because a lady came in to order half a dozen before they did. They had milk tea after the congee. The FoodLover then went back to pack up for his trip to Macau.

This is a very good place to have breakfast if you know your way around Tsimshatsui.

Hung Lee Restaurant 洪利粥店茶餐廳
2A Hou Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong 香港九龍尖沙咀厚福街2號A
Tel: +852-2721-6606

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  1. Tina Lee Says:

    I’ll been to this place twice.
    Across the alley is a place for dessert. 糖人街.
    This alley has many interesting restaurants

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