Juicy Pork Chop – 新東海美食

Pork Chop Bun has always been a signature snack of Macau. On this day before the FoodLover was going to return to the U.S., Vincent took him to taste the famous Pork Chop Sandwich at San Tong Hoi 新東海美食.

While the bread was understandably a little soggy after absorbing the sauce, the pork chop itself was super juicy and delicious. The size was right too – just enough as a light breakfast.

Milk tea in Macau usually is too light (淡) for the FoodLover’s taste buds. Not this one. This cup of milk tea at San Tong Hoi had strong and fragrant tea aroma that was perfect for waking up this sleepy soul.

This restaurant in Porto Exterior 新口岸 is highly recommended for snacks or light meals.

電話: +853-2872-2862

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