Enjoy Congee with the Birds – Mui Kee 妹記

Back to Hong Kong, the FoodLover could have congee every morning again. The first one to have was of course good old Mui Kee 妹記 in Mongkok. I have not been disappointed there yet.

20121126 Mui Kee A

電話: +852-2789-0198

In the old days, morning tea goers usually took their birds to tea houses (茶居) and enjoyed the birds’ singing with tea and dim sum. Now most tea houses do not allow that because of bird flu. Fortunate for these traditional friends of birds, nobody in this market (街市) was enforcing the no-bird and no-smoking rules, not at 7am anyway.


This kind of large billboards advertising after-school tutors is nothing new in Hong Kong and maybe Taiwan. For teachers everywhere else, they can only dream of such star-status.


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  1. phyllis Says:

    interesting, i did not know about the birds. however, bbc recently had an article about the superstar status of hong kong tutor kings and queens. crazy.

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